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  Flame Retardant

Aluminium Trihydrate Used as non-halogen  flame retardant, smoke suppressant and filler in Rubber, Thermosetting , Artificial marble , Solid surface , Adhesive , Plastic , Paint etc. Aluminium Hydroxide , Alumina Hydrate , Al(OH)3 , ATH , Aluminum Hydroxide , Aluminum Trihydrate , Alumina Trihydrate , Al2O3.OH2O , Aluminum Trihydroxide , Hydrated alumina 
Antimony Trioxide Used as a flame retardant in the membranes of plastics industry and the enclosures of electric devices and household electric appliances such as PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS, PU, rubber, ceramics, enamels, fabrics and fiber , oil paint and coating material industry, etc. Sb2O3 , ATO
Magnesium Hydroxide  Used as smoke suppressing and fire retarding properties in plastic, roofing, and coating, for PVC, Polypropylene ,PE, PVC, PP, PET, PBT, PS , PA, PPO, HIPS , ABS , EVA , synthetic rubber, reinforced polyester, phenolic, urethane foam, epoxy Mg(OH)2  , Magnesium hydrate , Magnesia , Magnesium dihydroxide , MDH
TCPP Used as flame retardant in Polyurethane foam , Unsaturated polyester resin , Polyisocyanurate foam , PVC , Epoxy resin ,  Polystyrene , Acrylic acid , Cellulose acetate , Ethyl cellulose paint , Phenolic plastic , Polyvinyl acetate , Adhesive , foam leak sealing agent and others. Tris(chloroisopropyl)phosphate , Tris(2-chloroisopropyl)phosphate , 2-propanol 1-chloro phosphate , Tris(1-methyl-2-chloroethyl) phosphate, Tris(beta-chloroisopropyl) phosphate , Tris(2-chloroisopropyl) phosphate , Tris(2-chloro-1-methylethyl) phosphate
Plasticizer & Stabilizer

Non-phthalate   Plasticizer

Used as non-phthalate plasticizer for PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or other polymers like Polyurethane , Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber ( NBR) , Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) , blends of Styrene butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber (SBR/BR), Isobutylene isoprene rubber (IIR) ,Natural rubber (NR), Chloroprene Rubber (CR) to replace the phthalate plasticizer like DOP , DINP , DIDP. It is used in PVC or other application that it is required Food Contact , FDA or No phthalate content. Free-phthalate plasticizer , Non-phthalate plasticiser , Food-grade plasticizer , Phthalate free plasticizer, Non-Toxic Plasticizer


Calcium Zinc Stabilizer Use as a replacement for conventional cadmium containing stabilizer with approvals for food contact application in the calendering and extrusion of flexible PVC. It is is non-toxic, contains no phenol, no heavy metals, and no phthalate. Calcium Zinc Stabiliser , CaZn Stabilizer , Ca/Zn Stabilizer

Lead Stabilizer for rigid PVC Pipe

Used as heat stabilizer for rigid PVC pipe. One pack Lead Stabilizer, Lead Stabiliser

Lead Stabilizer for Wire & Cable

Used as heat stabilizer for wire and cable insulation. One pack Lead Stabilizer, Lead Stabiliser,Lead based one pack stabilizer
Epoxidized Soybean Oil Used as plasticizer and stabilizer in PVC , Processing ink , Lacquer ,  Fertilizer , agricultural chemical , Rubber , Adhesives and as a stabilizer for other types of polymers. ESO , ESBO , EPO , Epoxidized soyabean oil , Soya Epoxy Ester ,Epoxidised Soya Bean Oil , Epoxydated soybean oil
Resin and Additive for Paint , Ink and Adhesive
Pentaerythritol Used in Alkyd resin ,Polyurethane ,  Modified rosin ester, synthetic dry oil , PVC Stabilizer , Wax , Textile Agent , Mineral oil additive , surfactant and others. Monopentaerythritol , PE 98%
Fumaric Acid

Used in Food , Flavoring agent, Unsaturated Polyester resin ,Alkyd resin, Paper sizing ,  Plasticizer, Ink Lacquer, Lubricating oil, animal feed , etc.

FA , 2-Butenedioic acid , trans-Butanedioic Acid, 1,2-Ethylenedicarboxylic Acid
C9 Petroleum Resin

Used in Paint , Adhesive , Rubber , Ink

C9 Hydrocarbon Resin , Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resin
Terpene Phenolic Resin Used as superior tackifier and heat resistance in Chloroprene adhesive or graft CR adhesive , Hot melt adhesive and Ink. Terpene phenol resin , Phenol modified terpene resin , Terpine phenol resin , Rosin Phenolic Resin

Waterborne Rosin Ester Dispersion

Used as waterborn tackifier resin dispersion or solvent free tackifier for crylic latex to increase shear strength (cohesion) and peel strength (adhesion) to polyolefin surfaces like waterborne PSA label, decal, tape , automotive Resin Dispersion,  aqueous anionic rosin ester dispersion , solvent free rosin ester dispersion ,Water-Based Dispersion , Waterborne tackifier resin dispersion , post-added tackifier resin dispersion ,aqueous rosin ester dispersion

Terpene Phenolic Resin Emulsion

Used in Water based adhesive to increase cohesive strength, peel strength and heat resistance. It is compatible with Chloroprene (CR or Neoprene) , Natural Rubber , acrylic emulsion , EVA , VAE , SBR , NBR  Terpene phenolic dispersion, Terpene phenolic resin dispersion , Rosin phenolic resin , Rosin phenolic tackifier emulsion , Terpenoid phenolic based emulsion , Rosin Phenolic Resin Emulsion , water-based tackifier resin

Alkyl Phenol Formaldehyde Resin

Used as tackiness retention time , phasing stability , heat resistance and adhesion strength in  chloroprene contact adhesive (or polychloroprene contact adhesive) ,contact cement, paint,  coating or other elastomer like NBR or SBR. Alkyl phenolic resin , Alkylphenolic Resin , Alkylphenol-formaldehyde resin , Alkylphenol heat reactive resin ,  Reactive alkylphenol resin , resin for Polychloroprene contact cement , Heat reactive phenolic resin , Alkyl phenolic adhesive resin

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